3 Email Capture Optimization Tactics Pre-Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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One of the most popular (and possibly record breaking) online shopping holidays is quickly approaching. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November 24th – 27th) present an enormous opportunity for online retailers to not only convert first time visitors, but to create life-long customers.

As an ecommerce retailer, you need to take full advantage of the big sales opportunity that BFCM presents. In this post, we’ll take a look at optimizing your current email capture strategy so you can rapidly build your email list and increase qualified leads for the lucrative holiday season! Let’s get optimizing!

At Justuno we’re a data-focused company, first and foremost; aimed at giving you valuable information. That’s why we’ve identified the top 3 optimization questions surrounding online holiday promotions and the data to be confident in your choice.

  • What type of text/copy on my promotions will net me the most leads and conversions?
  • Where is the best place to display the multiple types of promotions to boost visibility?
  • Is using a timer to create urgency really a surefire way to get sales during BF/CM?

Optimizing Opt-Out (Text vs. No Text)

In a previous case study with Frankies Bikinis, our Director of Client Success, Robbie Hammett,  focused on A/B testing something retailers running online promotions may not have even thought about, opt-out text.

optimizing opt-out text

No two promotions are created equal. That’s why A/B testing exists! Side by side, the left hand side, let’s call it Popup A, features a prominent (X) and no text serving as an opt-out button.

Popup B, however, has no (X) button in the top-right hand side and instead sports the opt-out text, “No savings for me, thanks.” What did this mean for engagements and conversions (and why should you implement this tactic)? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 15.51% Improvement in Engagements (Email submissions) for text opt-out
  • 217% Sales Conversion Increase (compared to control) for text opt-out

Key Takeaways: Replacing the X button in favor of opt-out text increased both Engagements and Sales

  • You must factor in design when A/B testing. Sometimes an X button or opt-out text will not be viable for promotions in unique areas/shapes.

Using Images in your Popups

In examining the data from over 170 million unique sessions, we examined a simple variable that is giving great results. Whether the promotion has an image or not. Our findings indicate that simply adding an image to a promotion can result in an increase in engagements (doubling) of almost 4%. Coupling that with the conversion rate of 18.8% and understanding the way conversions are tracked are important side notes as well. Since conversions are a percentage of those who opted in, It’s clear to see that adding in an image increased conversions and engagements immensely.

pop up engagement and conversion data

Mobile Promotions also had a clear aggregate conclusion. Mobile promotions that incorporated an image into their promos had a 4.63% increase in Engagements and an 4.59% Increase in Conversions. Doing Mobile Promotions must fit within Google’s policies for lead capture, so we’ve also provided a mobile cheat-sheet so you can always fall within the guidelines.

Bonus Tactic: Using this opportunity to implement brand imagery is a great way to keep consistent on all fronts of marketing.

Key Takeaways: Introducing an Image into your promotion will boost both Engagements and Conversions

  • Desktop sees an increase (doubling) in engagements when introducing an image
  • Mobile sees both an increase in engagements and conversions

Adding a Timer to your Promotions

In our labor-day case study, we examined over 7.8 million impressions (views) on Justuno created promotions to compile data behind the tactic of adding timers to promotions. Again, keep in mind that every site is different so optimize for your site, and your goals, not just any generic Ecommerce store. Time to check out the data.

add timer to promotions

Above is an example of a Gated+Timer promotion.

The metrics behind promotions such as these are powerful in terms of giving you optimization ideas for the holidays.

gated pop up data

In the tests conducted on over 11,000 promotions, the data shows that promotions with Timers generally outperform their non-timer counterparts in some aspect. For example, a Gated + Timer promotion such as the one above, will convert (sales) and draw engagements at an almost 2x rate comparative to the non-timers.

What does that mean for your store? As I mentioned before – optimize for your site and your goals. Noticing a huge boost in Engagement Rate (Views) when adding an Open + Timer Promotion, focus on running these promotions during a season you would like to promote events and/or giveaways. This will aid in the way of providing social proof and reinforcing on-site messaging. Conversely, let’s say your site is functioning at maximum efficiency and you’re in the market for some sales – Gated/Timer Promotions will provide you the increase in conversions you seek.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gated Promotions have a 3.7% Increase in Engagement Rate, 3.6% Increase in Conversions
  • Open Promotions hold a 26.46% Increase in Engagement Rate, 2.3% Decrease in Conversions
  • Use the Gated + Timer promotion for sales, use the Open + Timer for engagements/messaging reinforcement

Holiday Optimization Checklist

  • Ensure your CTA is Text based rather than an X-Out Option
  • Utilize Images to boost engagements and brand reinforcement
  • Understand your goals and enact a Timer on your promotions to realize those goals

There you have it, moving into Black Friday/Cyber Monday an optimized site is a good site. Being able to handle and truly make use of the increased traffic of online shoppers is huge, and starting with optimization matters. Setting a clear goal in mind for your promotions, and using our public data in combination with your personal testing will help you to crush the upcoming holiday season. (In a good way, of course)

Author Bio:

Ben is the Content Marketing Manager at Justuno. His passions include tennis, IPAs, marketing and IPAs. (Millennial in denial).

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