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Promotional Email Campaigns

Increase sales by delivering promotional emails to shoppers

Looking for a team to plan, manage and execute your promotional email campaign?

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Having sent millions of product promotional email campaigns, our team has developed a proven process to ensure your email campaigns generate the best ROI.

  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Promotional Calendar
  • Weekly Coordination
  • Design, Copy, and Implementation
  • Testing and Sending
  • Performance Reporting
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Our team will manage your product promotional email campaigns from concept to completion. You can stay focused on the countless other areas of running your ecommerce store, we've got you covered. Our team of directors, copywriters, designers, and analysts can work with you each week to send product promotions to your contacts. In addition to guaranteed revenue with each email send, our team of email campaigns experts can utilize promo campaigns to:
  • cross-sell secondary products
  • increase customer life-time value
  • increase customer retention

Looking for a team to plan, manage and execute your promotional email campaign?

Get Started Today!


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cart email

cart email

Over 70% of consumers who add your products to their cart, will not complete the order. Abandoned cart email funnels remind consumers of they product they want to buy, and increase your sales.

Abandoned Cart